Bentley Repair, Maintenance and Restoration


In Miami, FL

The certified Bentley specialists at Vertex Automotive offer full service for all Bentley vehicles. We work on the Continental Flying Spur, Continental GT and Mulsanne. Vertex specialists have abilities that cover the full spectrum of care that your Bentley needs. Available services include collision repair, maintenance, service, and restoration.

Vertex Auto will check out your Bentley and identify any work that we think should be performed. We work to maintain low ownership costs for you while retaining your Bentley’s value. Only the finest parts will be used in your Bentley. At Vertex Auto we also pride ourselves in employing specialists with a long line of experience to understand and take care of your Bentley.

Our expertise coupled with the variety of tooling products at Vertex help us perform nearly any repair work that you need on your Bentley. We work on engines, air conditioning systems, and brakes. Vertex also performs scheduled maintenance and desired upgrades for your Bentley. We do all of our work at our location which we believe puts us above and beyond average repair shops.

Our most frequently requested services are listed here:

Bentley Scheduled Maintenance

As a “dealership alternative”, Vertex Automotive can do all of the scheduled maintenance needed to keep your Bentley in top condition. Our maintenance and repair services keep your warranty in effect. If we come across problems that will require a repair under warranty, we bring them to your attention so you can take your Bentley to a dealer for repair. Because of our service abilities, you only need to visit a dealership for these warranty repairs. Look at our Service and Maintenance Pricing Menu to see our transparent costs.

Bentley Engine Repair & Rebuild

Vertex is one of the top choices to keep your Bentley engine running properly. We understand the complexities of this intricate auto part. Maintenance and repair work on your engine keeps your Bentley running properly and helps your wallet from emptying. Through our years in business, Vertex has performed the most thorough engine rebuilds in our industry. By using original Bentley parts and sealants in our work, we expect our work to last well beyond our 1-year, 10,000 mile warranty. We also perform oil leak repairs, timing belt part replacements, head gasket work, and other engine repairs. Vertex welcomes your inquiries regarding our Bentley engine replacement programs.

Bentley Brake Repair

Your Bentley’s brakes play an important part in your Bentley’s overall performance. Rough drivers need different braking components than light drivers. Vertex Auto will determine the type of brake pads and rotors that will be best in your Bentley. We take your needs and give you recommendations based on your unique situation. We use the highest quality brake parts when performing work on your Bentley. Our brands include Brembo, Sebro, Zimmerman, VTX, Textar, Jurid & Pagid. Whether you need a brake fluid flush or replacement of the entire braking system, Vertex Auto will make sure your car gives you the driving experience you demand.

Bentley Transmission & Differential Service and Repair

You don’t have to live in Florida to receive the great services that Vertex Auto offers for your Bentley. We are the best choice for service and offer a great warranty for work on your transmission or differential no matter where you live. Vertex offers a competitively priced delivery and pick-up service anywhere in the U.S. Check us out so that you can ensure proper transmission and differential work on your Bentley with significant savings to you.

Bentley Electrical Repair

Vertex Automotive does all of the electrical work that your Bentley requires. We can fix and replace electrical faults and broken items. We perform ECU & DME repairs and work on lights, starters, alternators, power windows and door locks, airbags, convertibles, batteries, factory alarms, and more.

Bentley A/C Service & Upgrades

If you are having problems with your air conditioning system, bring your vehicle into Vertex Auto for our technicians to inspect. We know the importance of staying cool in your Bentley and we work to make necessary repairs to keep you comfortable. Whether you need a simple repair or system replacement, Vertex Will keep your air conditioning system working for you.

Bentley Suspension, Tires, & Alignment

Vertex Auto works on your Bentley’s suspension and steering systems as well as your tires to help you maintain control of your car. Our goal is for your car’s wheels to be in constant contact with the road and for your Bentley to take bumps and steer firmly as a second nature. Proper wheel alignment and a functioning suspension system are crucial for any vehicle. If your Bentley is having any problems, Vertex can evaluate those and make repairs to get you comfortable again. We also find the right tires for your Bentley when you are in need of new ones. We mount and balance the wheels and tires on your Bentley and keep it aligned to specs.

Bentley Exhausts Repair & Upgrades

Exhaust system repairs on your Bentley can be done by our expert technicians at Vertex Auto. We work with your exhaust tail pipe enhancements, manifolds, and headers. We also do work on catalytic converters and mufflers. Because we employ two technical TIG welders in house, your fabrication and repair work will be done expertly and in a timely manner.

Bentley Engine Cooling

In order to keep your engine running cool, our staff does a 10 point coolant inspection on your Bentley. We check all necessary parts of your engine cooling system, including hoses, thermostats, the water pump, sensors, the radiator, and everything else involved in the process. After our inspection, we’ll let you know of any issues we find or services that we recommend to keep your engine running cool. We always give you full estimates before performing any of the work.

Bentley Buyer’s Inspection

Vertex Auto performs an extensive buyer’s inspection for customers looking to purchase pre-owned Bentley. Let our trained technicians use their master expertise to look over the vehicle and perform road tests, function and compression tests and more before you purchase your pre-owned Bentley. Our full and detailed inspections have helped many people buy pre-owned vehicles with the highest confidence. We have customers that haven’t even seen the car they are purchasing, but trust Vertex’s technicians so much that they base their purchase off of our inspection. We can even do an inspection if you’ve already purchased a pre-owned Bentley and want to make sure that your expectations will be met.

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