BMW Repair, Maintenance and Restoration


In Miami, FL

All of your BMW vehicle service needs can be met at Vertex Automotive in Miami, Fl. We take care of the M3, M5, X3, X5, Z3, Z4, 525, 835, and all other BMW models. Vertex Auto’s certified BMW specialists will work to maintain your BMW and keep it in prime condition. We provide all necessary maintenance, repair work, services, restorative services, and collision work you will need for your BMW.
We at Vertex seek to retain the value of your BMW by determining the work you need done and offering you the best prices to keep your ownership costs low. Vertex Auto uses only the best parts in your BMW and we are excited to have BMW specialists available to perform the complex work that your car needs.
Vertex Auto’s expertise allows us to perform nearly any repair that your BMW requires. We do everything from engine work to brake repair and scheduled maintenance. The Vertex staff does all of our work in house so we are better able to offer you both quality and value than most average BMW repair shops.
Our repair and maintenance services are wide ranging.

BMW Scheduled Maintenance

Vertex can keep your BMW running as well as, or better than, the dealership can. Any scheduled maintenance procedures can be done at our repair shop for a fraction of the cost a dealership may charge. If your repair is covered under a warranty, it is still necessary to have that work done at the dealership though. Check out our Service and Maintenance Pricing Menu to see what savings Vertex Auto can offer you. All of our repairs will keep your BMW in top condition and follow your warranty requirements.

BMW Engine Repair & Rebuild

If you do not take care of your BMW engine properly, the results could be costly and dangerous. Vertex Auto can maintain and repair your BMW engine so that your car performs to your expectations. Our quality preventative care helps you keep your BMW engine for a longer time frame. If you are in need of a complete rebuild or replacement of your engine, Vertex Auto can complete that as well. We have years of satisfied customers to back up our thorough repair abilities. The use of original BMW parts helps to ensure that our engines will last beyond our 1-year/10,000 mile warranty offering. Check out Vertex Auto’s engine repair list ranging from oil leak repair to timing belt replacements to head gasket repairs.

BMW Brake Repair

The performance of your BMW depends a lot on your brake system. At Vertex Auto, we look at the way you drive your car before we install brake pads and rotors to meet your specific needs. We use only the best brands including Sebro, Zimmerman, Brembo, Jurid, VTX, Textar, and Pagid. We can perform brake fluid flushes and all other brake repairs and replacements at Vertex Auto.

BMW Transmission & Differential Service and Repair

If you run into a problem with your transmission or differential systems, Vertex Auto can do the repairs and they are included in our great warranty offering. Since these repairs are very delicate, you want to make sure you are using a company with highly skilled technicians. You don’t want to pay a ton of money and then have to go elsewhere to get the work done properly. Even if you do not live in Florida, Vertex offers BMW pick-up and delivery service at a great price. Our experts can help with your BMW transmission.

BMW Electrical Repair

Electrical problems in your car can range from malfunctioning power windows or door locks to a dead battery or broken starter. Whatever your electrical problem, Vertex Auto can not only diagnose but repair your BMW’s electrical system. We also work on alarms, alternators, airbags, and convertible tops

BMW A/C Service & Upgrades

We know heat in South Florida. Because of this, Vertex Auto is a specialist in making air conditioning repairs to your BMW. We perform basic maintenance and full system replacements to keep you cool in the hot summer months. Come visit our facility to have our air conditioning technicians look at your BMW vehicle.

BMW Suspension, Tires, & Alignment

Vertex Auto works to maintain and repair your BMW’s suspension system, tires, and alignment. We can evaluate any issues you have with your steering or control on the road and make the necessary repairs. It is so important to your safety that your BMW functions correctly in relation to steering and suspension. Vertex can also find the right tires and wheels for your BMW when it comes time to replace or repair those items. Our technicians will meet all specs when doing adjustments for your BMW.

BMW Exhausts Repair & Upgrades

Mufflers, headers, exhaust tail pipes, catalytic converters, exhaust manifolds and all other exhaust system parts can be repaired and replaced at Vertex Automotive. If your BMW needs any part fabrication or repair, our welders can work with a variety of metals for your BMW. They do all of their work on site so nothing is outsourced.

BMW Engine Cooling

We strive to keep your BMW engine running cool through our 10 point inspection of the cooling system. Vertex looks into all of the parts of your cooling system including the hoses, thermostats, radiator, and more so that your engine runs cool and lasts as long as it should.

BMW Buyer’s Inspection

For those looking to purchase a used BMW, let Vertex Auto complete a detailed inspection before you make your purchase. We will look over the used BMW and run a variety of tests before giving you our honest advice on the vehicle. You will know ahead of your purchase if the car needs any work or was involved in any accidents or other problems. An inspection from Vertex Auto will help ease your mind and ensure that you are making a wise investment with your BMW.long as it should.

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