Ferrari Repair, Maintenance and Restoration


In Miami, FL

At Vertex Automotive, we offer full Ferrari services. Whether you own an F430 or 430 Scuderia, a 458 Italia, a 599, a 612 Scaglietti, a California, or an Enzo; Vertex employs certified Ferrari specialists with the capabilities to keep your Ferrari in an optimal condition. We perform all Ferrari repairs including collision, service, maintenance, and restoration.

Vertex Auto works hard to keep your ownership costs as low as possible. We figure out what checks to perform so that we can recommend the work that will retain your Ferrari’s value. Only the best parts are used when Vertex works on your Ferrari. Ferrari specialists will be the only people working on your vehicle. They have worked with Ferraris for years and understand the elaborate details of your Ferrari.

Our tooling and expertise can perform any repairs your Ferrari needs. Vertex does engine repair, air conditioning work, and scheduled maintenance. If you need body work to return your Ferrari to its original condition, we can do that affordably. Our fabrication and rebuilds are done in house. This allows vertex to perform better and more efficiently than other Ferrari shops.

Here are the services we most frequently perform for our customers.

Ferrari Scheduled Maintenance

We can perform all of the scheduled maintenance on your Ferrari. Our services not only maintain the top condition of your vehicle, they also meet the standards of your warranty company. If we determine that your Ferrari has an issue under warranty, we will recommend that you take it to the dealership for free repair service. Since we are a “dealership alternative,” that would be the only instance in which you would have to go to the dealership. You can see our transparent pricing on our Service and Pricing Menu.

Ferrari Engine Repair & Rebuild

Ferrari Engines are powerful and very complex machines. Vertex Auto knows how to best maintain and repair Ferrari engines when there are issues. Taking care of your engine is critical to keep your Ferrari running and saving on repair costs. Our thorough repairs and rebuilds have kept customers coming into Vertex for years. By using only the finest parts and offering a 1-year/10,000 mile warranty, we believe Vertex to be tops in the industry. Some of our most used engine services include head gaskets, oil leaks, timing belt rollers and timing belt tensioners.

Ferrari Brake Repair

Without good brakes, your Ferrari and your safety are at risk. Having the right braking components is the only way to ensure the overall performance of your Ferrari. At Vertex Auto, we take your driving style into consideration when installing brakes and brake parts. Your style will determine which high quality brand we use for your Ferrari. Our top brands are Sebro, Pagid, Brembo, Zimmerman, Jurid, Textar, and VTX. Vertex performs brake fluid flushes, system upgrades and full brake replacements.

Ferrari Transmission & Differential Service and Repair

Just because Vertex Auto is located in Florida, it doesn’t mean that we can’t be your top Ferrari repair shop if you live elsewhere in the United States. We have an affordable delivery service that will allow you to take advantage of our outstanding service and full 1-year, 10,000 mile warranty. Vertex can perform any transmission and differential service that you need. Our Ferrari experts will work hard to save you money and make sure that your newly rebuilt transmission is properly installed.

Ferrari Electrical Repair

Look to Vertex Auto to diagnose and repair any electrical faults in your Ferrari. This includes ECU & DME repairs, problems with power door locks and/or windows, issues with lights, battery problems, starters, alternators, issues with any of your airbags, alarm problems, or convertible top glitches. We can meet your electrical repair needs.

Ferrari A/C Service & Upgrades

If you have a broken air conditioning system, the total driving experience in your Ferrari is affected. Vertex Auto has certified technicians to maintain your air conditioning system, make repairs, and even upgrade to a new system. It is smart to get your A/C system checked at least once a year.

Ferrari Suspension, Tires, & Alignment

Vertex Auto works on your alignment and suspension so that your wheels are planted firmly on the ground at all times. We can help find you the tires and wheel parts that work best with your Ferrari along with making sure your steering and suspension systems are running smoothly. The goal is for your Ferrari to absorb shocks and have firm steering so that your ride is not only comfortable but safe.

Ferrari Exhausts Repair & Upgrades

We can perform any type of repairs that your Ferrari exhaust system requires. Vertex Auto’s expert Ferrari technicians work on mufflers, exhaust tail pipes and manifolds, headers, and catalytic converters. We even have two technical welders working here to fabricate and repair the parts efficiently and effectively.

Ferrari Engine Cooling

Vertex Auto is one of the best at ensuring that your Ferrari engine runs cool. We have a system of 10 checks with our Coolant Inspection which looks at everything from your water pump to your radiator. We never perform services without first giving you a full estimate and making sure you are on board. But rest assured that we would never recommend an unnecessary service.

Ferrari Buyer’s Inspection

For those of you looking to buy a used Ferrari, we recommend that you bring it to Vertex Auto for a pre-purchase inspection. We will look over your potential Ferrari and let you know if there are any problems or recommended repairs. We’ll also let you know if we think the vehicle is in great shape and you should buy it right away! You can also bring in a new investment you’ve made of a used Ferrari to get that checked out. You’ll get peace of mind knowing your vehicle has been evaluated by the best in the business and your car is safe. used Ferrari, we recommend that you bring it to Vertex Auto for a pre-purchase inspection. We will look over your potential Ferrari and let you know if there are any problems.

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