Lamborghini Repair, Maintenance and Restoration


In Miami, FL

If you’re looking for complete service for your Lamborghini, Vertex Automotive has it all. We service the Murciélago, Gallardo, Countach, Diablo and the Reventon with certified Lamborghini specialists. Their capabilities will keep your Lamborghini in top form. Vertex can provide you with Lamborghini service, maintenance, repair work, restoration, and collision repair.

When you bring your Lamborghini into Vertex, you can rest assured that we’ll check your car out and do any necessary work to keep it running with good value to you. We want your Lamborghini to retain its value so you can remain proud of your car. We’ll use only the most excellent parts and Lamborghini specialists to service your vehicle. Our many years of experience in the industry help us understand the intricacies of your car.

Vertex Automotive’s knowledge allows us to perform any work or repairs necessary for your Lamborghini. We fix brake problems, replace broken transmissions, and do engine repairs among other services. Vertex will return the original condition to your car in an affordable way. Our abilities exceed those of average Lamborghini repair shops since we do all of our work in house.

Here are some of our services.

Lamborghini Scheduled Maintenance

Look to Vertex Auto to complete the scheduled maintenance on your Lamborghini. As a “dealership alternative”, we’ll keep your car in top condition and follow the rules outlined in your warranty. If we determine that your Lamborghini requires a warranty repair, we will let you know so you can go to the dealership for repair. Our pricing is not only fair, but always visible on our Service and Maintenance Pricing Menu.

Lamborghini Engine Repair & Rebuild

Of course you know how powerful your Lamborghini’s engine is. It is also susceptible to problems that must be handled delicately. Your Lamborghini will not run without the proper engine maintenance and repair work. Vertex Auto has been an important part of the auto industry for years, saving you money and protecting your car. From routine maintenance to complete engine rebuilds, Vertex uses original Italian Lamborghini parts and sealants. Everything is covered under our 1-year/10,000 mile warranty. Vertex also offers the diagnosis of oil leaks, replacement of timing belt parts and head gaskets. We always welcome your questions as well.

Lamborghini Brake Repair

Brakes are important for successful operation of your Lamborghini. You need the right brake components for both your vehicle and the way in which you drive. While some drivers are harder on their brakes than others, Vertex Auto works with every customer to put the safest brake parts for them into their cars. We’ll take care of you aggressive drivers so that you and your car remain safe. Our respect for your Lamborghini is evident in the high quality parts that we use, including Pagid, Sebro, Brembo, VTX, Zimmerman, Jurid, and Textar. Vertex can perform minor brake fluid flushes and complete brake system replacements.

Lamborghini Transmission & Differential Service and Repair

If your Lamborghini needs a transmission or differential replacement or rebuild, Vertex Auto can perform these services under our 1-year/10,000 mile warranty. Even if you live outside of our Florida location area, Vertex offers competitive pricing on pick-up and delivery of your Lamborghini. We work hard to save you money and always pledge to make you a satisfied customer.

Lamborghini Electrical Repair

Any number of things can go wrong electronically in your Lamborghini. Vertex Auto can both diagnose and repair any electrical dilemmas that you encounter. We fix convertible tops, factory alarms, all lights, starters, power door locks and windows, airbags, batteries, and alternators that are part of your Lamborghini’s electrical system.

Lamborghini A/C Service & Upgrades

When driving a luxury car like a Lamborghini, you want to be comfortable. If air conditioning system problems arise, Vertex Auto can fix your car and get you cooled off in no time. We perform all A/C maintenance, repair and system replacements. We Floridians understand the importance of keeping cool.

Lamborghini Suspension, Tires, & Alignment

Vertex Automotive is able to work on your vehicle’s suspension system, tires, and alignment. In order to be in control of your Lamborghini, all four of your car’s wheels have to be on the road constantly. If that is not the case, Vertex can perform suspension and steering system checks and work on your car. As we get your car to absorb bumps in the road and steer tightly, your ride will be more comfortable. Bring your car in with any suspension or steering problems so that we can fix them. Vertex can also mount and balance your tires and wheels. When in need of new tires, we will recommend the best ones for your Lamborghini’s safety and looks.

Lamborghini Exhausts Repair & Upgrades

For problems with your exhaust system, the expert Lamborghini technicians at Vertex can repair or replace any of your Lamborghini’s exhaust units. We replace catalytic converters, repair or replace mufflers, perform exhaust tail pipe enhancements, fix exhaust manifolds and headers. Our in house technical TIG welders fabricate and perform repairs in house.

Lamborghini Engine Cooling

Making sure that your Lamborghini’s engine runs cool is one of our goals at Vertex Auto. With an exhaustive 10 point Coolant Inspection to check your systems, we repair any problems that are seen during the inspection. This includes work on hoses, the water pump, the radiator, sensor checks, thermostats and everything else related to your engine cooling system.

Lamborghini Buyer’s Inspection

At Vertex Auto, we recommend bringing your car in for a thorough inspection before purchasing a used vehicle. Whether from a dealership or an individual seller, our fine eyes, road tests, function and compression tests will let you know if your potential vehicle needs any work. It is best to find this information out before making such a large and important purchase. One of the risks of buying a pre-owned Lamborghini is that you could be buying someone else’s car issues. By allowing Vertex Auto to inspect your car prior to purchase, you can rest assured that your new investment will not have any unwanted surprises to offer after bringing it home.ividual seller, our fine eyes, road tests, function and compression tests will let you know if your potential vehicle needs any work. It is best to find this information out before making such a large and important purchase.

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