Maserati Repair, Maintenance and Restoration


In Miami, FL

Vertex Automotive offers complete service for all Maserati vehicles. From the Grancabrio, Grantourismo and now the Quatroporte, our certified Maserati specialists have all the capabilities needed to keep your Maserati in optimal condition. All of the elements of Maserati repair, service, maintenance, restoration, and collision repair are available.

At Vertex we are able to identify what work and checks should be performed in order to keep the cost of ownership of your Maserati low while contributing to the retention of the vehicle’s value. Vertex Auto only uses the finest parts for your Maserati. We also pride ourselves on assigning you vehicle to Maserati specialists with many years of expertise who understand the complexity of your Maserati.

We have a wide variety tooling and expertise to affect just about any kind of repair that you’re Maserati might require. From engine repair to air conditioning issues or just scheduled maintenance, our staff is well equipped to return your Maserati to its original condition in an affordable manner. Because we rebuilt and have fabrication in house, we have abilities beyond the average Maserati repair shop.

Here are some of the more frequent service procedures we perform for our customers.

Maserati Scheduled Maintenance

Vertex Auto is a “dealership alternative”. We can complete all the scheduled maintenance to keep your Maserati in top condition as well as your warranty in effect. During service, if we find a problem that requires warranty repair, we will bring this to your attention so that you can visit your local dealer for repair. This means that even on your brand new Maserati, only a warranty repair would require a visit to the dealer. We have developed various ways to help you manage the cost of this, such as a transparent menu of pricing for scheduled service work. Service and Maintenance Pricing Menu.

Maserati Engine Repair & Rebuild

Your Maserati Engine is a very powerful yet delicate machine. Maintaining and repairing your Maserati engine properly is crucial to your cars performance and your wallet. For quality Maserati engine preventative care and complete engine rebuilds, Vertex Auto has been the choice for hundreds of Maserati owners throughout the years. Our Maserati Engine rebuilds are the most thorough in the industry. We only use original German Maserati parts and sealants to assure a rebuild that will last years beyond our full 1year 10,000 mile warranty. Vertex also offers the following service: Oil Leak Diagnosis, Replacement of Timing Belts Rollers and Tensioners. Head Gaskets and Complete Engine Replacement. We welcome your inquiries about our replacement rebuilt engines program.

Maserati Brake Repair

Brakes play a very big part in your Maserati’s overall performance. The proper braking components for your style of driving are crucial. An aggressive driver will need to have a different type of brake pad and rotor than a driver who is easy on their car. Vertex Auto can advise you of the proper combinations to give you the best overall braking for your specific needs. You value your Maserati and we respect your vehicle by using only the highest quality brands such as Sebro, Brembo, Pagid, Zimmerman, Textar, Jurid, VTX, and more. From a brake fluid flush to a full system upgrades or replacements, Vertex Auto can complete the total driving experience that demand.

Maserati Transmission & Differential Service and Repair

Whether you live in Florida or anywhere in the U.S. we are the best choice for outstanding service and a full 1-year, 10,000 mile warranty. Rebuilding and replacing your Maserati Transmission or Differential can be a very costly and delicate procedure. Vertex Auto can arrange for your vehicle’s pick-up and delivery anywhere in the U.S. for an extremely completive price. Let the Maserati experts at Vertex save you money and assure a proper installment of you newly rebuilt Maserati Transmission.

Maserati Electrical Repair

Vertex Auto can diagnose and repair all electrical faults on your Maserati including: ECU & DME Repair, Lighting, Power Windows, Power Door Locks, Starters, Alternators, Dead Batteries, Airbag Diagnostics, Convertible Tops, Factory Alarm Issues and any other issues related to your Maserati’s electrical system.

Maserati A/C Service & Upgrades

Being in South Florida Vertex Auto knows how important staying cool is. Whether your Maserati Air conditioning system needs maintenance, repair, or a full upgrade our certified technicians can keep your Maserati running cool all year long. We welcome you to visit our facility and have one of our technicians inspect your Maserati’s air conditioning system.

Maserati Suspension, Tires, & Alignment

To maintain precise control, your car’s wheels need to be in firm contact with the road at all times. This is where your Maserati’s suspension and steering systems comes into play. Your vehicle needs to be able to absorb bumps smoothly and steer firmly, which in turn requires a fully functioning suspension and steering system with proper wheel alignment. Vertex Auto can evaluate, repair, and update any steering and suspension component on your Maserati to assure a comfortable and safe ride. If you vehicle is in need of tires we can recommend and obtain the best fit for your Maserati. We can mount and balance any combination of wheel and tire that is designed for your car. Our Maserati alignment techs assure that all the proper adjustments are made to align your Maserati to specs.

Maserati Exhausts Repair & Upgrades

Our expert Maserati technicians can Repair, Replace, or Upgrade any of your Maserati’s exhaust components. From mufflers, catalytic converter, exhaust tail pipe enhancements, exhaust manifolds, and headers. We have two accomplished technical TIG welders that can fabricate and repair aluminum, stainless steel and mild steel exhaust components, in house.

Maserati Engine Cooling

Our staff is the best in the business for keeping your Maserati’s engine running cool. We perform a thorough 10 point Coolant Inspection that includes checking your water pump, hoses, thermostats, radiator, sensors and several other component of your Maserati cooling system. If during our inspection we find any issue or preventative service that need to be performed, we will provide you with a full estimate before any of the services are performed to you vehicle.

Maserati Buyer’s Inspection

If you are considering the purchase of a pre owned Maserati, we strongly suggest that our trained master technicians evaluate the car to prevent you from buying someone else’s problems. At Vertex we have built a strong reputation for inspections that are concise and complete. Many satisfied buyers have purchased a Maserati from out of state, sight-un-seen, based on our recommendation. If you have recently purchased a Maserati we can do the same inspection to prioritize any potential problems needing attention. This service can also confirm your selection, and give you more peace of mind with your new investment. At Vertex Auto your pre-purchase inspection is the most important aspect to the final step of buying a used Maserati, our highly skilled technicians will look the car over with a careful eye inside and out, over and under and conduct road test, function tests, compression test and much more.

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